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Here you will find information and resources about EATING WELL to encourage and achieve optimal health and Wellbeing.

The recipes below are generally from an AMAZING website "Well Nourished"


Well Nourished; is a simple, common sense guide to the basics of how to eat well and be well. No fads; just real food and delicious, do-able recipes, for real life and optimal health.

In a world with so much information about the ‘best’ things to eat, we aim to simplify nutrition so you can nourish yourself and your family with confidence. Our delicious, easy to make whole food recipes , aim to motivate and inspire you to source and prepare delicious, healthy meals and live a happy, healthy life.

I have been following this website for some time and using these recipes almost daily to feed and nourish my family. These recipes cater for many different dietary sensitivities and allergies where possible, while providing optimal nourishment, using simple, easy to find ingredients. We have found the meals so delicious and easy to prepare and for the most part well accepted by the whole family, I decided to become an affiliate to help share and promote this great website.

There are a wide range of recipes, resources and information available on the website and also the option to purchase several ebooks to easily download. As an affiliate I recieve a small portion of each of these ebook sales.

Simple Sweet Corn Soup
A nourishing twist on the classic, this Sweet Corn Soup is really easy to make and very nutritious, especially if you add in a veggie boost.
Healthy Hot Chocolate
This immune supportive, healthy hot chocolate is easy to make and a really delicious hot drink, that the whole family will love
Spiced Breakfast Muffins
Delicious. Gluten, Grain and Gluten Free
Top Deck Gummies
Top Deck Gummies are a delicious chocolatey gummy treat that your whole family will love. If you're feeling lazy, you can even just make them all chocolate or all coconut (so just one flavour).
Quick and Easy Dhal
Quick and Easy Dhal is a fast, nutritious meal that the whole family will love.
Winter Sweet Potato Salad
A beautiful, nourishing addition to your winter salad list.
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
A simple, easy to make and delicious meal, make enough of these Sticky Drumsticks (with a simple Tahini yoghurt dipping sauce) so there are some leftover for tomorrows lunch.
Popcorn Caramel Chews
These Popcorn Caramel Chews take just minutes to make and are a delicious, no-bake treat. They are great for the lunch box or for kids parties and celebrations.
Chicken, Bacon and Vegetable Meatloaf
This Chicken, Bacon and Vegetable Meatloaf recipe - it's so easy to make, delicious and a really nourishing meal.
Thai Veggie Stirfry
A quick to make, super tasty stir-fry sauce. It has such a beautiful flavour that will make your veggies shine. Gluten, grain and dairy-free.
Healthy Anzac Biscuit
A delicious, quick and super nourishing take on the classic. This is one of the most popular sweet treats here at Well Nourished!
This Breakfast Hash Pie is super versatile and makes for a healthy breakfast (or even a meal). It’s a great balance of plant based carbohydrate and protein and one of my go-to’s when I’m after a nourishing, easy to prepare meal.
This Polynesian inspired coleslaw is my families favourite way to enjoy cabbage. The dressing is simply delicious and it’s so quick and easy to prepare.
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