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Physical activity represents essential ingredients to improved health. Many people believe that because you can survive without physical activity, you can be healthy without it, or survive as long without it. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you're sedentary and don't feed your body, brain and mind with sufficient physical activity everyday, you are deficient, toxic and in a state of adaptive allostasis. To be blunt, you are sick and getting sicker. 

Outside of sleep, the human body and brain need almost constant physical movement. Movement is a necessary ingredient for the health of the neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones) and movement of this system is required to stimulate the brain to generate the neurological and hormonal nutrients required by the entire body, brain and mind. Movement is life, and ,movement deficiency results in deficient life. 

The most practical way to include sufficient physical activity is to incorporate it into daily activities, family time, work time and leisure time. As your you move towards activity sufficiency you will feel better, look better, have more energy, feel closer to the people you exercise with, begin to crave physical activity, and to the great surprise of many, begin to feel deprived without it! You will be more alive and experience more from life. 


Dr Abbie offers affordable classes in Bridgetown and Greenbushes.

DDP YOGA is a revolutionary approach to fitness that combines the best of yoga positions, sports rehab therapy, old school calisthenics and dynamic resistance to give you a complete workout that requires NO RUNNING, NO JUMPING, and NO LIFTING.

Classes are designed to be suitable for most abilities, if you are willing to give it a go. The class is led at a medium level with modifications to make the workout easier or more challenging depending on your level of strength and fitness.

Classes are suitable for most people that are able to get up and down from the floor with no assistance. Classes are facilitated in a supportive and encouraging way, no yelling or loud music. You work at your own pace. Own your life. Tracking resources free on app.

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DVDs are available to borrow and trial.

Spinal Hygiene Exercises

These exercises are aimed at countering the toxicity and deficiency created by the postural movement and patterns of domesticated unnatural human lives. They are aimed at providing the sufficiency and purity required to heal and prevent spinal degeneration.

These exercises are designed to restore and maintain range of motion, muscular strength and stamina, joint lubrication and nutrition, and proper posture. When these variables are restored and maintained healthy spinal neurology can also be restored and maintained. 


These simple and quick exercises will help promote proper posture and can also help with shoulder Range of Motion, function and stability.

AHC - Anterior Head Carriage / Forward head Posture

These simple and quick exercises will help promote proper posture and can also help with shoulder Range of Motion, function and stability.

Full Body -  Range of Motion

A simple gentle series of standing exercises to improve motion and function of the spine .

Spinal Hygiene Exercise Sheet

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